Wierd Funtionality

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Wierd Funtionality

Postby rlmech » Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:10 pm

I am not sure where this post should be so ....

The Goal is to be able to move existing outlook pst contents to zimbra. I successfully used the migration wizard tool and migrated the email to Zimbra Desktop. It created local folders for the emails. I then moved emails to my main inbox. Here is where the process seems to go bad.

The emails are moved to the main inbox while in Zimbra Desktop but if I then go to the webclient they are not there. Additionally, I created a subfolder in the inbox called 'Test1'. When I go to the webclient the subfolder is not there either. Next I created a subfolder in the webclient called "Web1". When I go back to the desktop it isn't there.

I'm rather confused. :shock:

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