Most emails missing in Yahoo

If Zimbra Desktop had a sync failure, it may have told you to post your error in this section.
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Most emails missing in Yahoo

Postby 13442ezu » Thu Aug 28, 2008 12:28 pm

I am sorry to interrupt but I feel that I have exactly similar problem and will like to tell you the steps in detail. sinservicio can add to it from his/her experience.
I had posted this question under General category but I feel that this is the right place for it and so reposting it. Please feel free to move it if this is not the correct place.
I really need urgent help here. Zimbra desktop has appeared to zap few of my folders along with its mail on yahoo web server.
I have downloaded and installed Zimbra desktop and sync'ed it with yahoo web mail. I have set all folders to sync and have clicked send/receive and sync tens of times having clicked it after clicking on each folder and then clicking Send/Receive and Sync also. Nothing helps.
Here is the exact scenario.
a) I install zimbra desktop and sync all folders. So far so good.

b) I create few folders locally using zimbra desktop (all folders are at the root level. no sub folders are used).

c) I move mails from Inbox and other folders to local folders created using Zimbra.

d) I set the newly created folders to sync with Yahoo web server and click send/receive, sync button.
I expect that the mails will be deleted from Inbox and other folders from where it was moved and they will be added to the local folders. This does happen on Zimbra desktop. As I have set all the folders to sync with yahoo web server the same mails should get deleted from Inbox and get added to the newly created folders on yahoo web server also.
I find that the local folders created using Zimbra desktop do get created on yahoo web server but the mails in these local folders do not get uploaded to yahoo web server. Worse still, the mails from Inbox which I had moved to these local folders have also disappeared now from yahoo web server. They exist only in the local folders. All said and done all the mails I moved from Inbox to locally created folders are missing now from Yahoo web server.
I am wondering whether there
Is there any specific sequence to follow while creating and sync'ing locally created folders?

Do locally created folders have to be set to sync with yahoo web server before moving mails to them ?

Do locally created folders not sync mails if they are set to sync with yahoo web server after moving mails to them ?
Any help will be useful. If I need to take entire backup of the local Zimbra and reinstall and recreate folders with different names and set to sync before moving mails to them and then move the mails from local folders to the newly created synced folders also will be fine.
In short, anything that will allow me to have all my mails back to Yahoo web server is welcome.
I am using yahoo plus premium account if that helps.
Thanks in advance.

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Most emails missing in Yahoo

Postby jjzhuang » Thu Aug 28, 2008 6:02 pm

already replied your other post. please apply the patch I posted at and then enable debug trace.

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