Zimbra Desktop Migration throws error "Outlook is not installed on this system"

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Zimbra Desktop Migration throws error "Outlook is not installed on this system"

Postby rob » Wed May 31, 2017 10:40 am

tis is my first post in this forum. I want to try Zimbra Desktop as an alternative for Outlook. I'm using Windows 7 Pro with Outlook 2010 for years now without any issues. But I like to have an email client with offline capabilities, which I could also use with Windows and Linux. So I installed Zimbra Desktop 7.3.0 and downloaded the Zimbra Migration Tool I started the Migration Tool checked Zimbra Desktop Migration and clicked next. Then the following error occurs: "Migration cannot be initialized. Outlook ist not installed on this system.Please Install Outlook". As said above Outlook is installed on the computer. The message makes no sense for me, also because I want to import a PST file into Zimbra Desktop, which I think should be independent of an Outlook installation. Any suggestions how to overcome this error welcome.


So I found the solution by accident: I use Outlook 32 bit and Zimbra Migration Tool 64 bit. When I used Zimbra Migration Tool 32 bit the error was gone. This makes somehow sense to me. Unfortunately I get another error now, after input of the pst file location: "Logon unsuccessful: Unable to connect to remote server" (translated from German). I'm wondering which server is needed to import a local pst file into a local Zimbra Desktop account. But this may be another thread.
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