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Need To Downgrade Zimbra Desktop

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:55 pm
by colwarg
Desktop offered to upgrade to 7.3.1

7.3.1 crashes on start up with "entry point not found".

I want to reinstall 7.2.8 without losing all my accounts that set up in the program.

7.2.8 works on this machine.

Re: Need To Downgrade Zimbra Desktop

Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:54 pm
by rioprayoga
what your version of operating system ?

Re: Need To Downgrade Zimbra Desktop

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 2:32 pm
by colwarg
It's an XP server that sits in the rack and does nothing more than run Zimbra Desktop for a dozen or so webmail accounts, has no keyboard, mouse, or monitor, only access is via remote desktop or through applications accessing the files.

Cannot be upgraded, the raid drivers don't come in any other flavor than XP, ...

I kludged a fix, installed on another machine then uploaded the program folder files to the XP server.

But now I need to dismiss the upgrade prompt permanently.