Post migration smart scan failing

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Post migration smart scan failing

Postby DennisT » Wed Jul 14, 2021 2:40 pm

I just migrated our Zimbra NE 8.8.15 server from Ubuntu 14 to 18 on a new server. I'm now getting permission errors on the smart scan. The email I get:

Code: Select all

This is an automated notification from Backup about Smart Scan.

Operation Smart Scan Failed.

Operation Id: 6aef72a7-63d8-4ceb-bcbc-e26d7b64778c
Operation Host:
Scheduled operation

Network Modules NG Version: 3.1.11
Network Modules NG commit: d9e3432e85a29a0408fd231425f534ea859a191f
ZAL Version: 2.24.0
ZAL commit: 589ad9d915a1800508a41ab82956a617f5a80bde
Zimbra version: 8.8.15_GA_4059 20210621055853 20210621-0638 NETWORK

-- exceptions --
- Write permissions missing on backup directory: /opt/Backups
Operation parameters:
 requesterAddress = zimbra
 additionalNotificationAddresses =
 origin = Cron
 isDeep = false
 createFakeBlob = false
Last progress info:
 Account scanned:                  0/??
 Account updated/new:              0/0
 Item scanned:                     0
 Item updated/new/unique:          0/0/0

/opt is 777 as is /opt/Backups.
As root I ran
chown -R zimbra:zimbra /opt/Backups

Files in /opt/Backups are 640 w/owner:zimbra group: zimbra
Folders have the same owner/group and are 750.

Backups are successful. I'm using HSM (different folder) and with the same perms the move blobs is working. The only thing failing is Smart Scan.

Ideas? I'm sure I could fix this by doing a mass chmod 755 but I don't like the idea of loose permissions, esp on a backup.

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