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zmschedulebackup and smartscan

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zmschedulebackup and smartscan

Postby maxper » Thu Mar 19, 2020 9:02 am

I'm a bit confused on the backup tools available on network edition.
I do have one of my customers that upgraded several times, from 8.6 up to 8.8.12 actually and as of now I see that there's zexstras suite installed that has this new feature named smartscan.
So that it seems that the new backup is done using this new smartscan feature, or I am doing a mistake?
If so, why is there still available the old backup scheduler?
On my customer server it is a small one, just 25 licenses, I got

Code: Select all

Current Schedule:

   f #0 1 * * 6 -a all --mail-report
   i #0 1 * * 0-5 --mail-report
   d 1m #0 0 * * * --mail-report

If I exec

Code: Select all

Label:   incr-20200319.000228.212
Type:    incremental
Status:  completed
Started: Thu, 2020/03/19 01:02:28.212 CET
Ended:   Thu, 2020/03/19 01:08:25.502 CET
Redo log sequence range: 2925 .. 2930
Number of accounts: 65 out of 65 completed

Label:   full-20200318.000014.622
Type:    full
Status:  completed
Started: Wed, 2020/03/18 01:00:14.622 CET
Ended:   Wed, 2020/03/18 09:49:00.394 CET
Redo log sequence range: 2930 .. 2930
Number of accounts: 65 out of 65 completed

Total space: 705549MB
 Free space: 308472MB

So the backup is ok and it is done nightly (incremental very fast indeed).
If I go to check zextras backup (the new one) I see that the backup space is not inited, while backup is there... What should I do to get all done?
Thanks in advance!

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Re: zmschedulebackup and smartscan

Postby 00a » Sun May 17, 2020 2:44 am

I have the same question. Is it best practices to have both BackupNG (smartscan) running and to do zmschedulebackup (zmbackup) or stop (Flush) all scheduled zmbackups?

The documentation for BackupNG ( ... p_NG_Works ) and the installation guide for Zimbra-9 seems to indicate that zmbackup is now obsoleted ( ... stall.html ) but it's not clear how to check the file system to ensure backups are running.

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