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Restore in multiserver environment

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Restore in multiserver environment

Postby brano » Fri Aug 21, 2020 3:00 pm

Hi Everybody,

I have set up a multi-server zimbra environment in order to validate some features. Here is my configuration :
-2 MTA/Proxy servers
-2 Store/WebUI/ZSP servers
-1 Master Ldap server
-1 Replica Ldap server

I currently test the features of Zimbra Suite Plus. I would like to restore one store server in case of disaster.
Here is what I've done:
- Install a new store server, same version, configuration and ZSP.
- Copy content of backup folder to the new one.
- Stop first store server. (Before i made a ZSP export)
- Try to restore the accounts to the new server.

I used a raw restore mode with skipProvisioning parameter. It works for some accounts and an error appears:
[Raw Restore] Mailbox id conflict with different accounts, are you sure you are in the right server?
I also tried with the deleteWhenConflict parameter.

My question: In my case, do I need to use an external restore?
I don't need that accounts be created again with new id, as they already exists in ldap.

I stay at your disposal for any other informations,
Thanks and have a nice week-end ;)

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