A new security patch has been released to further address CVE-2022-27924.
This issue has been ranked as High by the Zimbra Team and we recommend that you use the most recent release available to avoid any issues.
https://blog.zimbra.com/2022/05/new-zimbra-security-patches-9-0-0-patch-24-1-and-8-8-15-patch-31-1/ (May 10th 2022)

Upgrade Zimbra Community Edition from Zimbra 8.5.1_GA to 8.8.12 GA

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Upgrade Zimbra Community Edition from Zimbra 8.5.1_GA to 8.8.12 GA

Postby aspaul » Wed Apr 06, 2022 9:32 am

Hello All Expert,
We have zimbra 8.5.1 GA edition install in Multi Servers:
Zimbra LDAP Server : hostname ntvsldap.abc.com ntvsldap - IP
Zimbra MAIL Server : hostname ntvsmail.abc.com ntvsmail - IP - Public IP - Domain : mail.abc.com - 'A' record in DNS
Zimbra MTA Server : hostname ntvsmta.abc.com ntvsmta - IP - Public IP - Domain : mta.abc.com also configured with Reverse Proxy with ISP,

MX record of domain name for mail.abc.com is mta.abc.com. Also created as 'A' record in DNS with Public IP

Now we want to upgrade from zimbra 8.5.1 GA to Zimbra 8.8.12_GA with Zimbra Proxy and Memcached. How to configure zimbra in 8.8.12 and keep the same configuration for domain, MX record along with Public IP after upgrade.

Thanks in Advance.
Asish Paul

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