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Able to receive BUT Unable to send mails outside Zimbra!

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Able to receive BUT Unable to send mails outside Zimbra!

Postby AnthrH3x » Wed Jan 18, 2023 7:42 am


I'm new to zimbra.
so, I deployed zimbra server on AWS and binded a static ip to it, I have purchased domain from godaddy, and added dns record accordingly.(which will be shared below)
I'm able to send mails to local users but cannot if I mail to google proton yahoo or any other, I have configured ssl, the logs are just fine there is no error, firewall rules are allowed to send all type of traffic,
even I'm able to receive mails from google (any other as well) but unable to send mail to gmail or anything else...
can anybody help me why it is happening ? or I'm missing something?
if there is anything I need to share further for solution, I can...
scrolled the internet but couldn't get anything.


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