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Universal UI beta phase is now completing

Forum about the new Universal UI work, feedback, ideas, comments are always welcome.
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Universal UI beta phase is now completing

Postby jorgedlcruz » Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:48 pm

Thank you for asking about Zimbra's Universal UI project. The Universal UI beta phase is now completing--we got great input during that process and appreciate all the enthusiastic participation. While we are suspending plans for Universal UI's release, we are aggressively advancing another exciting project we'd like you to be a part of. (Actually, you're already a part of it--our team is applying your input from Universal UI's beta phase toward this future project.)

Want to know more? Want to be an even greater part of Zimbra's next generation of products? Please sign-up to request an invite to the beta program.

Thank you! Your Zimbra friends & colleagues

Jorge de la Cruz
Systems Engineer at Veeam Software

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