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Universal UI Vision and Consequences

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:28 pm
by msquadrat
Hi Jorge et al,

I wondered about the consequences of the Universal UI Vision:

Universal UI wants to achieve the goal to be responsive across all devices, from a 4K Screen to a Mobile Phone.

Does that mean that once the Universal UI is available the versions "Mobile" and "Touch" will be removed? (It looks like the "Standard" version will stick around since it is mentioned on the login screen.) I for one would welcome this change since it would reduce the training overhead currently required. If the "Standard" version sticks around it would be great if Bug 98031 was implemented and it was renamed to something like "Basic" though.

And will the Admin Console also be rethemed? I don't really care but a few of our customers really hate the current Look and Feel for some reason.