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Detach Nextcloud with Zimbra Drive

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Detach Nextcloud with Zimbra Drive

Postby eric.79ty » Tue Aug 31, 2021 1:34 pm


Currently we have Nextcloud integrated with Zimbra through Zimbra Drive. The Nextcloud users is sync from Zimbra where the user's authentication is depended on Zimbra. Currently we plan to detach Nextcloud with Zimbra Drive, where Nextcloud user profile and authentication will be done with our LDAP. Integration with Zimbra will be using Zimlet and Nextcloud OAuth2. May I know is that possible to do so without losing existing users' uploaded files? Any guide that we can refer to if there is any?


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Re: Detach Nextcloud with Zimbra Drive

Postby sp1411 » Fri Sep 03, 2021 6:43 am

I'm also looking for solution on migrating Nextcloud users' profile and authentication from Zimbra. Any guide or tools for the migration? Currently we are still using zimbra open drive zimlet in classic interface. We wish to use LDAP authentication to access nextcloud instead of using zimbra authentication. Thank you.
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Re: Detach Nextcloud with Zimbra Drive

Postby svalavuo » Tue Mar 22, 2022 2:35 pm


I too am trying to find a solution to this (sort of).
In my case I'd like to authenticate against Zimbra LDAP.
My reason is, that I'd like to upgrade Nextcloud from 20.0 -> but ZimbraDrive won't work after upgrade.
Is there a way to use the same UUID with LDAP backend? That way we wouldn't lose our files and the transfer would be smoother.
I tried to change LDAP / AD integration in Expert mode so that in Override UUID detection the value of UUID Attribute for Users: is zimbraId
Is that the correct way?
It didn't help, but it can be that my userid existed in Nextcloud from previous attempt to switch from ZimbraDrive.

- Samuli
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Re: Detach Nextcloud with Zimbra Drive

Postby Rony » Mon Sep 12, 2022 2:40 am

I have tried to do the same, removed Zimbra Drive and installed Nextcloud zimlet but unfortunately the usernames change and their files are not accessible anymore as we cannot move them from the old to the new username since the old ones are not visible anymore on Nextcloud.
If we check the Data folder, we can still see them so their files are still on the server.
It is better to make backups and upload them again to each user profile.

My Nextcloud integration didn't work though, in Zimbra mail, I see the Activate in Cloud Storage section for Nextcloud but after authentication it just doesn't open it and reload a new page with the Activate button.

So I am not sure what is missing although I have respected the procedure for the whole process.
It would be helpful if someone could do it and list the steps again.
Thank you

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