Auto refreshing non-Inbox folders in the web client

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Auto refreshing non-Inbox folders in the web client

Postby apartmentlines » Thu Nov 19, 2020 1:45 am

In the web client, Preferences -> Mail -> Check New Mail sets the frequency with which mail is checked, and thereby how often the Inbox is automatically refreshed as new messages arrive.

Unfortunately in my testing, the auto-refresh of the interface for new messages only seems to apply to the Inbox, and not any other folder.

So, for example, if i'm a user logged into the web interface, and i'm in *any other folder besides the Inbox*, and a new message arrives in that folder, or is removed from that folder, the display is *not* automatically updated. This could happen due to another user moving a message to that folder in another client, or perhaps a mail filtering rule moving the message to that folder.

So how do I set things up so that *any* folder is auto-refreshed at some reasonable interval?

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