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Re: State of Universal UI ?

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 8:43 pm
by tgx
It is odd how all of this effort was put into the open source forum yet no real effort being
put into the 'community' of the same forum. Like Bill and Mark I've been with ZImbra since the start
and have been through the rocky road of each new buy and sell. I've also see the carnage Oracle
has wrought and will continue to wring out of the Sun portfolio. That is not surprising given that
is what Oracle does. The question for most of us is, "Who is Synacor?" They came out of nowhere,
buy the product and then go radio silent. I put this in line with the MicroFocus acquisition of Novell.
Slow rebranding and paring down of the unwanted. Whether or not open source is wanted or just
baggage from a bygone era remains to be seen.