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Incessant popups

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:13 pm
by adamf663
Is there any chance the zimbra developers might have mercy on their users and tone down the incessant popups?
I am referring to the popup that occurs every time the mouse passes over just about any display element.
For example, I don't need popups when I'm trying to select a folder. That popup saying "invoices" truly doesn't convey any information that I can't glean from the word "invoices" in the folder list. I don't appreciate the popup occluding the next three item! I shouldn't have to restrict the mouse to the scroll bar just to select a folder.
Believe it or not, I have learned that the "reply" button is to reply to a message. I don't need "Reply to the sender of the selected message [r]" shoved in my face.
Here's something even crazier, I am able to remember that the "forward" button forwards a message. I don't need that annoying popup "Forward selected message".

These things are a god damn eye sore and convey no useful information.

I know tooltips are flashy and ui developers just love them, but how about letting your users use the interface without the incessant popups?
I cringe every time I use the UI and am very close to dumping zimbra altogether