New collaboration system from creator of Zimbra Suite Plus

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New collaboration system from creator of Zimbra Suite Plus

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Zextras announces Carbonio, open-source email and collaboration

for the growing segment of data sovereignty conscious organizations

Paris and Milan, November 9, 2021 – Zextras announces Carbonio, the first open-source solution for email and collaboration targeted to the growing segment of organizations with a responsible attitude towards privacy and data sovereignty. Potential customers are governments, public administrations, providers of healthcare services, banks, and all other enterprises dealing with the personal data of individuals, plus internet services providers serving these market segments.

Carbonio functions are natively built together to give an overall experience, both to end users and system administrators. The main characteristics are:

· Complete email server, equipped with a robust anti-spam and antivirus, and advanced webmail with secure authentication.
· Messaging system, from individual chats to group video meetings and videoconferences also with external attendees.
· Scalable file management system. Professional collaborative editing features with multi-node architecture and full sharing capabilities, including external users.
· Mobile apps and native synchronization with iPhone, Android, and Outlook makes Carbonio a friendly platform that can also be used on the move.
· Real-time backup and restore, advanced disaster recovery tools and support for backup on external storage included.
· Advanced storage management, including HSM, compression and deduplication, in addition to object storage support.
· High availability, auto-failover, active/active cluster with granular control per user.

"We have been active in the email and collaboration market segment for over a decade, and we have seen a growing number of organizations asking for a solution that’s fully compliant with privacy regulations and respectful of data sovereignty", says Paolo Storti, CEO of Zextras. "Carbonio has been designed from the ground up to serve these legitimate needs without compromise".

Zextras Carbonio is available in two different flavors. The Community Edition (CE), released under the AGPL and targeted towards FOSS community members, offers all the essential email and communication features, while the commercial turnkey solution – targeted towards large infrastructures – is suitable for organizations looking for end-to-end secure management of end user data.
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Re: New collaboration system from creator of Zimbra Suite Plus

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Good to know.

Even more, they explicitly mention a Community Edition.

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Re: New collaboration system from creator of Zimbra Suite Plus

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ccelis5215 wrote:Even more, they explicitly mention a Community Edition.
Isn't that great? :D I, for one, will be checking that out as soon as it's released, I've always been impressed with the ZEXTRAS team and their rapid response to any queries I've had (I'm also a customer of theirs). :)


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