[SOLVED] Unable to change password

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[SOLVED] Unable to change password

Postby Inglebard » Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:38 pm


I notice today, users are not able to change password.

When they click on change password, on firefox they get a popup with a blank page, on firefox they redirected on a internal port 8443.

A fix for that ?
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Re: Unable to change password

Postby gabrieles » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:54 am

Check these parameters for your domain:

if they're blank, set it to the right values (eg. zimbraPublicServiceProtocol "https" zimbraPublicServicePort "443" zimbraPublicServiceHostname "mywebmailpage.mydomain.com"
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Re: Unable to change password

Postby Inglebard » Thu Aug 09, 2018 3:21 pm


Thanks for your answer.

It fix the issue.

I also discover this : https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Steps_to_f ... _webclient
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Re: [SOLVED] Unable to change password

Postby L. Mark Stone » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:20 pm

Those variables are available in Global Config, so if you set them there they will be inherited each time you make a new domain, and then you won't need to set them on a per-domain basis -- except to change them from the defaults.

Hope that helps,

Code: Select all

zimbra@zimbra:~$ zmprov desc -a zimbraPublicServiceHostname
    Name to be used in public API such as REST or SOAP proxy.

               type : string
              value :
           callback :
          immutable : false
        cardinality : single
         requiredIn :
         optionalIn : domain,globalConfig
              flags : domainInfo,domainInherited
           defaults :
                min :
                max : 256
                 id : 377
    requiresRestart :
              since :
    deprecatedSince :

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