Zimbra Docs Not working on Zimbra 9 Fresh Install

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Zimbra Docs Not working on Zimbra 9 Fresh Install

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I'm asking for a help regarding Zimbra docs feature.
I installed Zimbra Network edition 9 on a single server (Centos8).
Then I installed zimbra docs on a dedicated server (Centos8) and got the service zmdocs active as well as the connection to the ldap server success.
But once I login to the Zimbra web interface it show that the docs service is down and I got this error on my zimbra.log file:
slapd[7686]: conn=1056 op=528 do_search: invalid dn: "cn=,cn=cos,cn=zimbra"

Here is my configuration for Zimbra docs server:
zdocs --ldap-url ldap://url --ldap-dn 'uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra' --ldap-pass **** ldap-write-config.

After Installation of Zimbra docs, I try to access to the mail server from the admin interface but i got this error
Mail : system failure: exception during auth {RemoteManager: zimbranetwork.xxx.tn->zimbra@zimbradocs.xxx.tn:22} Code d’erreur : service.FAILURE Détails :soap:Receiver

Could anyone help me to resolve this problem?

Kind regards,
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