Looking for an old zimlet

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Looking for an old zimlet

Post by tastle73 »

I stumbled upon this blog online https://tech.saqr.org/2020/01/with-phis ... antly.html that refers to a seemingly long-gone zimlet by Barry Degraaf

What it does is look though the x-spam headers and if it finds certain spam tags, such as a spoofed domain or external email, it puts a yellow warning message in the body of the email message in the webui.

For the life of me, I cannot find this zimlet and my attempts to recreate it in javascript have been unsuccessful.

I'd love to find this if possible!
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Re: Looking for an old zimlet

Post by phoenix »

You might find it more useful to install Rspamd as it already has a phishing module: https://www.rspamd.com/doc/modules/phishing.html - and, IMO, it's relatively trivial to install.


Rspamd: A high performance spamassassin replacement

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Re: Looking for an old zimlet

Post by barrydegraaff »

This Zimlet was removed as by itself it does not do anything, and it needs to be configured by the admin for it to become useful, in the end it is just not providing a good enough protection.

I re-uploaded the sources for your educational purpose here: https://files.zimbra.tech/nextcloud/ind ... doBJX9FKSo
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