/service/soap/SearchRequest system failure: Failed to search

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/service/soap/SearchRequest system failure: Failed to search

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Good evening/afternoon/morning :-)

Here is the question (context and suppositions follow):
A single (the largest - yet not so large with about 500K+ messages, but high-traffic) mailbox is causing issues - if the user (or through Admin) tries to login: on AJAX client we get the loading screen, on standard HTML we get counts but empty folders. The mailbox is shared, and the shared content intermittently appears to the sharees - we found that if a search is done for a particular message, the content of the folders appears.

The issue seems to come from a /service/soap/SearchRequest operation - which returns in the mailbox.log
ua=ZimbraWebClient - FF109 (Linux)/8.8.15_GA_4481;soapId=7d5e50d8;] index - Unable to (com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapFaultException: system failure: Failed to search

Catastrophic failure of disks > system restored from backup. All mailboxes and services are operating normally except this one imailbox.

A supposition that there are objects in the database/store which are mismatched - the mailbox did have a corrupt mariadb index (fixed) and the mailbox was thereafter re-indexed a couple of times successfully (no failures reported). The logs do not show any particular information relative to the failed searches except for the message above.

The system is Release 8.8.15.GA.4179.UBUNTU20.64 UBUNTU20_64 FOSS edition, Patch 8.8.15_P36.

Any thoughts/ideas?
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