Zimlet to save email as eml files

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Re: Zimlet to save email as eml files

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msutherland wrote:For years I have been hoping that Zimbra owners/developers would provide an easy way to save individual emails which can the be stored with other files in traditional file systems. My users never stop complaining that it should be easy like Outlook. I have tried a number of zimlets over the years but most seem to be stuck to certain versions or have some other downside. Surely it is obvious that there is a strong need be able save individual emails simply from the web client? I know that .eml may not be an open standard, but it has the benefit of being well understood. Please, please can you address this major shortcoming
Just want to re-iterate the OP's plea to zimbra dev team -- this is so overdue as to be more like " WTF?! Do you actually have a feedback/management process?"
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Re: Zimlet to save email as eml files

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It was working on 8.7.11 ... There are a ton of downloader zimlets mostly forked from the original so other than the export button, it works about the same
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