AWS Data Centers Are Really Cold!!!

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L. Mark Stone
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AWS Data Centers Are Really Cold!!!

Post by L. Mark Stone »

I deployed a new Ubuntu Server 24.04 host today on Amazon Web Services to run imapsync.

I had read that AWS keeps their data centers a little on the colder side, but I didn't realize quite how cold until I first ssh'd in to the new server:

Code: Select all

Welcome to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (GNU/Linux 6.8.0-1008-aws x86_64)

 * Documentation:
 * Management:
 * Support:

 System information as of Thu May  2 17:09:56 UTC 2024

  System load:  0.05               Temperature:           -273.1 C
  Usage of /:   20.2% of 13.49GB   Processes:             106
  Memory usage: 17%                Users logged in:       0
  Swap usage:   0%                 IPv4 address for ens5:

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L. Mark Stone
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Re: AWS Data Centers Are Really Cold!!!

Post by gabrieles »

Lol that's 0.05 over the absolute zero. :D
Is that a VPS or a bare metal?
If VPS, probably in layers and layers of abstraction the temp reading has been lost and sensors translate a zero byte in the lowest temperature possible.
OR they achieved a very efficient HVAC....
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Zimbra Employee
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Re: AWS Data Centers Are Really Cold!!!

Post by ronstra »

I agree about the temp sensor getting lost in layers of emulation, although it'd be cool (heh) if you accidentally got requisitioned some experimental superconducting quantum AI processor. Don't let it get away.

Wonder what that motd script is reading?
Ron Straight
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