Something for Nothing? Contacts

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Something for Nothing? Contacts

Postby kazooless » Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:49 pm

This is my first week running ZCS Open Source on Ubuntu 8.04. Installed it over the weekend and configured it with my settings. What an extraordinarily wonderful product! I am VERY impressed with this.
Now, I'm an IT Manager stuck in the world of Microsoft at work, so I don't see using ZCS in my pro realm anytime soon. But I am using this for my own personal domain on a home brew server for my family and me. Just a few users. Because it is personal and small use, I can't justify adding the paid-for version to my personal budget (I like being married and want it to stay that way).
So the question is this, is there an alternative to the iSync connector for the contacts? I have figured out the calendar, but not the address book. I thought that maybe when the desktop client said it could sync Gmail contacts, that it meant the Zimbra and Gmail clients could be merged, but I guess it turns out that you just have two lists of contacts, one for each mail server.
I realize this is asking for something for nothing, so no complaints whatsoever is the answer is "NO," but with everything else available OS, I figured it couldn't hurt too much to ask. And, if the answer is "NO," is there any possibility that Zimbra would consider selling just the iSync connector as a stand-alone product? That would be a piece of heaven!

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Something for Nothing? Contacts

Postby myriad » Sun Mar 22, 2009 3:22 pm

Make that 2 votes for the stand-alone!

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