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Zimbra Desktop and Zimlets

Postby v1rtu4l » Thu Jun 30, 2016 11:53 am

So Zimbra Desktops offers quite a few options regarding zimlets. I tried to use the email-templates zimlet by barry de graf and whenever it is activated, zimbra desktop fails to open a new window if you want to write a message. It only works after deactivating the zimlet. I tried it by loading the zimlet into Zimbra Desktop while i already installed that zimlet on my Zimbra OSE 8.7 RC2 server.

Is it even supposed to work if i only have the zimlet on the server or do i need to load it into Zimbra Desktop anyways ? If so, what is to be done to get the functionality fixed ? i simply need template text for mails which should be a stock functionality for any business capable mail client, shouldn't it ?

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