Zimbra access limitation

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Zimbra access limitation

Postby tom2810 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 1:10 pm

Hey all,

I have the following use case and would ask if Zimbra can handle this.

Usecase 1

It is possible to create a white list for mobile devices? At the moment every user is able to connect to Zimbra via smartphone. I know that I can disable mobile access in COS, but we have external users which needs access. We want to avoid that users can connect from every device to Zimbra.

Usecase 2

We want to avoid that every user can access with Thunderbird or Outlook from outside network to Zimbra. That means we want to allow just company devices to connect from outside. At the moment every user can connect from every device with every third parties software to our server.

Usecase 3

We only want to give several users access from outside to Zimbra-WebApp, but in our internal network to all users. For external we can use 2Factor but then it is also required for internal using. It is possible to split that? For example user1 has full access without 2factor in internal network, but from outside only with 2Factor?

Thanks for your answers.

Best Tom

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