Searching Additional Features in Zimbra Community Edition

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Searching Additional Features in Zimbra Community Edition

Postby nishith » Fri May 18, 2018 11:09 am


I'm in process to implement ZImbra Community Edition & actively looking for below listed features.

1) Multiple Domain Support using single installation.
Description: Is it possible to use single zimbra product for multiple domains? If yes, what is the procedure? In more details, If I install fresh zimbra on RHEL 7 with domain, is it possible to use the same zimbra for another domain for all kind of mailing purpose?

2) Zimbra API
Description: There is an based website thru which we need to send mails. Does zimbra provide some kind of API thru which web application can send mails without any kind of zimbra administrative interference? (Automated Mails)

3) Domain Blacklisting Provision:
Description: Is it possible by zimbra to provide some kind of domain blacklisting in addition to the DNS Setup with DKIM & SPF?

3) Mail Priority:
Description: Is it possible to set Mail Sending priority as per the subjective matter by the Zimbra API? Means, student result mails go first and then regular mails only. Can we schedule mail sending?

Also I'm looking for a common dashboard which should show,

Total number of sent emails in the last 24 hours (Sends)
Rejects due to virus/malware/bad program
Total number of bounced emails in the last 24 hours (with respective email addresses & reason)
Emails that hit INBOX (Successful deliveries)
Email that has accessed by recipient (Opens)
The email was successfully delivered to the recipient. The recipient marked the email as spam. (Complaints by end user)

-Nishith N.Vyas

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