use external smtp connection?

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use external smtp connection?

Postby infor_gsc » Fri May 18, 2018 11:57 am

Hello, I have installed Zimbra succesfully in a local server.

I have mail accounts ( from hosting
We send and receive a lot of emails but don't want to pay for more extra space. So we use email as pop3 but the problems it's that we can't connect and see all mails from another pc or phone.
My idea is to connect this accounts with outlook using zimbra as server so mail will be available from every computer you connect.

I configured an account with pop3 in zimbra and configured outlook succesfully.
The problem is configuring smtp, i can't get it works.

Summary: Outlook sends mails with as now we are working, but throught zimbra, saving all mail in local server.

It's hard to explain, if some can help me. Thanks.


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