GAL data issue on 8.8.9

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GAL data issue on 8.8.9

Postby danykallery » Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:37 am

Hi All,

Have you ever faced any GAL sync issue?

Recently i have installed our production environment with Zimbra Network 8.8.9 version and found the following issue.

I can explain the infra before getting into the issue

We have

2 LDAP, 2 Store, 2 Proxy and 2 MTA's.

Internally we have configured 6 domains.

with default gal, I could able to work in Webmail, Zimbra Desktop and Outlook without any flows and it is listing all the addresses in all these mentioned methods.

After once I try to configure data sources from other domains, where the problem starts...

mails are not able to send (webmail) - errors Network unreachable - but works in client software (only to the default domains) + addresses are not listing in client software.

Can someone help, or found similar issue...and would like to know how they sorted.

Dany Kallery

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