Main email address and aliases, a basic question, how would you do?

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Main email address and aliases, a basic question, how would you do?

Postby Capables » Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:20 pm

Hi everybody,

I have started a new hosting plan with, a french hosting company that provides zimbra as their mail client. I have decided to login here, to ask a very generic question prior to setting my emails, thus using zimbra. This is not related to an issue, but to be considered more like an advice you could give me. A best practice for email and aliases configuration, kind of...

I am creating a non profit organization and I am thinking about my team addresses structure. As you know, I have the possibility to create the main address(es), and as many aliases that I want.

My question is simple, between the two following solutions, which one, is, to you, the best solution?

1 : create main addresses representing services:, and then create the aliases such as,

2 : (as the contrary of 1) create main addresses such as, and then create aliases such as,

Which one is the most usable case? To me, solution one means that every alias (hence every person represented by its alias) would then be able to read the "board of directors" related emails, and every alias linked to "team" to read the team's related email. Does that make sense?

I would like someone to share his experience with me, with best use cases related to emails in an organisation or company. (Privacy, workflow, mail delegation, everything!)


Thomas, From France.

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