Disable GZIP/HTTP Compression in NGINX

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Disable GZIP/HTTP Compression in NGINX

Postby linuxloonie » Sat Jun 22, 2019 5:31 am

We are using Zimbra Open Source Edition 8.8 version running in a CentOS 7 Server. For a security audit purpose (BREACH ATTACK mitigation), I was asked to disable the gzip/http compression in the nginx.conf file. Tried adding 'gzip off' directive to '/opt/zimbra/conf/nginx/includes/nginx.conf.main' but getting the below error.

# /opt/zimbra/common/sbin/nginx -t -c /opt/zimbra/conf/nginx.conf

nginx: [emerg] "gzip" directive is not allowed here in /opt/zimbra/conf/nginx/includes/nginx.conf.main:15
nginx: configuration file /opt/zimbra/conf/nginx.conf test failed

Can you please tell me what is the correct way to add this directive to nginx?

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