zimbraMtaRestriction bad character

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zimbraMtaRestriction bad character

Postby thefantas » Tue Jul 23, 2019 3:45 pm

Hi, I have the following problem, when copying and pasting a rule, was added with double quotes that cause strange characters.

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zmprov mcf -zimbraMtaRestriction “reject_rbl_client b.barracuracentral.org”

That's the way it had to be:

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zmprov mcf -zimbraMtaRestriction "reject_rbl_client b.barracuracentral.org"

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[zimbra@srv1 ~]$ zmprov gacf | grep zimbraMtaRestriction
zimbraMtaRestriction: ���rject_rbl_client b.barracuracentral.org��

And now I can't eliminate it. Any ideas?

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zmprov mcf -zimbraMtaRestriction "“reject_rbl_client b.barracuracentral.org”"
zmprov mcf -zimbraMtaRestriction “reject_rbl_client b.barracuracentral.org”
zmprov mcf -zimbraMtaRestriction " reject_rbl_client b.barracuracentral.org "
zmprov mcf -zimbraMtaRestriction "  "
zmprov mcf -zimbraMtaRestriction ""
zmprov mcf -zimbraMtaRestriction "*"

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Re: zimbraMtaRestriction bad character

Postby DualBoot » Mon Jul 29, 2019 1:13 pm


just do that :

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zmprov mcf zimbraMtaRestriction "reject_rbl_client b.barracuracentral.org"

Without plus, it should replace all configurations related to this attribute (do not forget to backup the other entries for this attribute).


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