Outlook IMAP timeout after 8.8.15 P1 update

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Outlook IMAP timeout after 8.8.15 P1 update

Postby anahuac » Wed Oct 16, 2019 2:50 am

Hello all,

After update from 8.8.15 OSE to P1 we start to get customers complaining about sync IMAP timeout using Outlook.
This happens specially with large accounts with 20Gb and above. As bigger the mailbox worse it gets.

For the record, update to 8.8.15 P2 didn't fix it.

Testing we figure that deleting the account from Outlook and starting from scratch use to help, I mean, the first time it seems to work, but then in a couple of days timeout show again.

Logs just show this kind of error showing it like it was a client issue:

[ImapSSLServer-5] [] imap - dropping connection for user example1@domain.net (LOGOUT)

We know for a fact that that's not a client side issue because we have a lot of customers with the same error that starts on the same time, just after the update.

Some others colleges that also run Zimbra servers have related the very same situation.

Is any of you passing through the same situation?

Any thoughts are welcomed.


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