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Problems with XMPP chat

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2021 2:48 pm
by freshness79
Dear all,
we recently updated our 8.7 Zimbra instance to 9.0 and everything went fine email-wise.
Nonetheless, even though we didn't get any error or warning during installation, the XMPP chat doesn't (properly) work anymore.
We usually use fat client like Spark and UWPX but by now, even though we can still connect to the server, it looks as if each client is not able to chat with everyone else.

Keeping in mind that for test purpose we enabled Connect and all Zimlets for both users, here's an example:
  • I login with user1 on PC1 using a fat client (it may be UWPX but the software doesn't seem to matter, we experienced the same problem with Gajim and Spark and even in web GUI)
  • I login with user2 on PC2 using a fat client
  • In user1's session user2 appears to be offline and viceversa
  • If user1 starts a chat with user2 nothing happens on user2's session
  • Nevertheless, if user1 logs off and then reconnect, messages to be delivered to user2 are still there (which makes me thing that some kind of caching on the server is somewhat working).
  • Port 5222 is open and we can connect and authenticate using XMPP protocol
  • Messages (apparently) are not delivered to any user