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Re: Zimbra Forums upgrade news

Post by Klug »

Same issue when accessing the wiki (security policy violation) with Waterfox on MacOS, it happened a couple of time.
Clearing cookies/data of the website (left click on the padlock left of the URL then on the last menu option) worked when it happened.
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Re: Zimbra Forums upgrade news

Post by barrydegraaff »

Hello All,

For fixing the security policy violation we need to know exactly what steps you took so we can reproduce the issue.

Please provide us the reproduction steps with a clean browser, meaning clear all cookies. Cookies from zimbra.com can affect the policy at the wiki.

In case you can not reproduce on a clean browser, you will need to provide a screenshot with all the cookies that are served with the request that violates, to do this in Chrome, use developer tools as follows:

1. Hit F12 or whatever key needed on Apple to do the same to open developer tools
2. Go to the Network Tab
3. Select the request with the issue
4. Go to the cookies tab and select show filtered out cookies

See attachment. Please make sure to show ALL columns in your report, thanks for helping out!

5. Include a time and date in your report and your IP if you don't mind.
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