Accessing email using Outlook

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Accessing email using Outlook

Post by ridethewave »

Hello there,

I'm completely new to Zimbra but am working for a project that uses emails with it.

Can you help me access my mail using Outlook?

I've searched far and wide but can't find the information necessary.

I need IMAP username, IMAP password, and possibly also IMAP Incoming Server (and port), SMTP username, SMTP password, SMTP Outgoing Server (and port).

Previously I've been able to access this information under settings in the email software I'm using, but can't find this anywhere in Zimbra.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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Re: Accessing email using Outlook

Post by karl.b »

I ride waves...

You can use Outlook in two ways. Outlook + ZCO (Zimbra Connector for Outlook) or Outlook in either POP or IMAP mode.

If using Outlook + ZCO, it can be downloaded here: ... r-outlook/

And there is documentation on setting it up here: ... Guide.html and ... Guide.html

If using in IMAP and POP mode, yes you typically need to setup 2 things (outgoing SMTP server, incomming IMAP server or incomming POP server). If you google "Outlook Zimbra Imap setup" you will find numerous articles that walk you through it, generally like this (for IMAP)

With Outlook open, select File and click Account Settings
Select Accounts Settings and the Account Settings window will open
Select New
Enter your email
Select Advanced Options and the box labelled ‘Let me set up my account manually’
Click Next
Select IMAP
Enter your password and select Connect – if you get a certificate warning, click OK
Select Change Account Settings
The settings should be:

Server: zimbra.somedomain.ext (you should know your endpoint to reach the Zimbra Proxy service)
Encryption Method: SSL/TLS
Port: 993
Outgoing Server: smtp.somedomain.ext (again, you should know this endpoint, could be the Zimbra MTA service)
Encryption Method: Auto
Port: 587

You may have to select the ‘More settings…’ button to enter some of the details above. You will also need to choose the option on the ‘Outgoing Server’ tab; ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’ and ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server’.

Click Connect
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