Zimbra + Shared Mailbox + MAIL (macOS)

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Zimbra + Shared Mailbox + MAIL (macOS)

Post by cisco89 »


i use my iphone and macOS and Zimbra.
ActiveSync works great on the iphone, everything syncs great, and runs like it should.

Also on macOS everything works great. Except that I see shared mailboxes, on the iphone I see them, just not in MAIL. Does anyone have the same problem?
Per imap I everthing well.
Zimbra Employee
Zimbra Employee
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Re: Zimbra + Shared Mailbox + MAIL (macOS)

Post by shruti.gupta »

In zimbra, to see shared mailboxes, there is no explicit attribute to be set for MAIL app if its visible on iphone, gmail, macOS etc.
It must be mac MAIl app issue.
Please try to reconfigure the account on MAIL app.
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