Toggling visibility of subscribed calendar subfolders

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Toggling visibility of subscribed calendar subfolders

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Hi everyone,

in our company, we need a lot of calendar folders and subfolders to be visible and editable by several users. We're using the Modern Web App.
I thought this would be pretty simple to accomplish: Just create a calendar folder with all the subfolders in it and share this folder with all the other accounts that need access to them. Each subscriber will be able to see the subfolders as well and can just toggle the checkbox in front of each subfolder to configure their calendar view.
However... it turns out that in the Modern Web App, ticking or unticking the checkbox of a subscribed subfolder affects all subscribers and the calendar owner as well.

Alice creates a new calendar and adds subfolders to it. Then she proceeds to share the calendar with her team mates.
Several team mates subscribe to Alice's calendar and can see all the subfolders and their contents.
One of the team members, let's call him Bob, is not interested in most of the subfolders and doesn't want them to be displayed in his calendar view. So he unticks the checkboxes of these subfolders.
But now, the folders unticked by Bob are also unticked for all other team members. So the others also don't see the events in these folders, unless they tick the boxes again. Upon which the boxes will also be ticked for Bob.
zimbra-calendar-subscribed-subfolder-checkbox.png (12.52 KiB) Viewed 4254 times

That makes sharing a calendar folder with subfolders a non-starter.
This only happens with subfolders, and only in the Modern Web App, not in the Classic Interface (because as far as I can tell, the Classic Interface just doesn't persist the checkbox state in the first place).

The technical explanation for this seems to be the FolderAction call that is executed every time a (sub-)folder is ticked or unticked. If it's a subscribed folder, the numeric ID of the mountpoint is used in the FolderAction request.
But if it's a subfolder of a subscribed folder, the subfolder's global UUID is passed in the FolderAction request, thus affecting all viewers/subscribers.

Does anyone know an elegant workaround for this?

An obvious one would be to subscribe to all the subfolders separately using the UI, but that's a huge mess because now they'll all be at the same level and you lose the ability to collapse/expand a folder with its subfolders.
So I tried mounting all subfolders separately into a pre-configured folder structure:

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zmmailbox -z -m bob@myzimbra cm "/Calendar/Team Calendars/Administration/Accounting" alice@myzimbra "/Calendar/Administration/Accounting"
This works for the Classic UI, but not for the Modern UI. The Modern UI only displays the folders up to and including "Administration", but not the "Accounting" mountpoint. Bummer.

This is on ZCS 10.0.3 NE.
Thanks for any ideas...

Edit: As a quick fix, it would already help if there was no checkbox for subfolders of subscribed folders in the calendar so as not to confuse users. Maybe this could be done with a zimlet until Synacor fixes this?
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