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Disclaimer External

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Reading Release notes of Zimbra 8.8.15P32, seems that exist an option to allow to configure external disclaimer, we have tried using:
https://zimbra.github.io/adminguide/lat ... al_domains

But we detected some situations:
- some mail generated by gmail/hotmail from not webmail has not shoed the missage external, only using webmail is showed
- Mail server has multiple domains, mail between same zimbra server (internal domins) are showing also this disclaimer, IS this correct. Reading doc we understand that external doamin are from zimbra,

Info in previous ink that is showed
When a user receives mail from an external domain, the edited message banner will get displayed at the top of the message body.

How can be solved this two situation? How it works really external disclaimer?

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Re: Disclaimer External

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We are already aware about the first issue where mails coming from gmail or other domains are not getting the disclaimers and we are working on to fix it.
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